A hidden treasure in the heart of rural North Norfolk


Welcome to Salle Moor Hall Farm, a picturesque 132 acre estate in the heart of the north Norfolk countryside. A working arable farm, but the estate also boasts a growing community of exciting producers and services. The farm has a visitor’s car park, and cycle routes and public footpaths wind through the center of our commercial compound. So whether you are on foot, wheels or horseback, you are welcome to pay us a visit to discover our community of producers and service providers.

Join our Community

The Salle Moor Hall Farm estate is evolving and many businesses have joined us on this exciting journey. We have a very distinct vision for the farm. A place where new and small businesses can thrive, and existing and established businesses can develop. Host a community of producers and service providers that support and synergise with each other. A welcoming and picturesque environment to be enjoyed by both our traders and our visitors.

If you have a business you think would fit in well at Salle Moor Hall Farm please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are eager to hear from you.